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5 hillarious phrases of 2020

Each and every year, our diction changes. New words emanating from street lingo and current events often lead to the creation of a new language. Social media has been flooded with various new words in the year 2020. Here are our top 10 catch phrases for this year.

1 Kurungai kurungai
Jah Master made this rathe plain and ordinary word famous after repeating it several times on his song Hello Mwari. The word has now become a common phrase.

2 Gore regonzo
Prophet Passion Java often refers to this year as the year of the rat. After his altercation with Mai Titi, she referred to herself as a cat to counter his rat status.

3 Mbinga
This word is used to describe a filthy rich and influential person. Celebrities who have been named such include Olinda Chapel and Ginimbi.

4 Chimuti
Pokello causes furore on social media after claiming that she is the one holding the stick. By this she meant that she is currently ranked best when it comes to issues of fashion and grooming.

5 Depiritating
Leave to our beloved vice president and health minister to dish out some funny word interpretations. VP Chiwenga is famous for his mispronunciation of the word debilitating every time he opens his mouth to address people

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