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Gideon Gono’s drastic weight loss raises eyebrows

A recent image of former RBZ governor Gideon Gono has raised eyebrows. The former financial executive is looking rather worn out and gaunt faced much to the surprise of many people. The once chubby and fully fleshed former governor is now a mere shadow of his former self. Social media has had no kind words for him and his new look.

It seems losing weight has become the in thing for most people who were once top executives in government. Another image of former deputy minister of information who was relieved of his duties, Energy Mutodi also set tongues wagging. He now has a totally different outlook with a frail and thin body unlike his former heavyweight build. While some people said he might be working out to lose weight others expressed concerns over his welfare and even suggested that he look for alternative means of survival after being booted out of his ministry.

Gideon Gono’s new look has caused widespread speculation that he might be battling some sort of illness. Social media users had all sorts of theories to explain the drastic change in his weight. Gono grew unpopular with most people after a series of failed monetary policies that saw many people losing their hard earned money in banking institutions. His policies contributed immensely to a financial mess that cost a lot of people.

While posing weight and coming out with a lean look might be a hot trend in European countries and abroad, the same cannot be said locally. Looking chubby is often associated with the good life whole losing weight so drastically is generally seen as a sign of impoverishment.

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