“Jerusalem” challenge sends social media into overdrive

The Jerusalem challenge has taken over the continent by storm. A sensational song by South African house music artist Master KG called Jerusalem has propelled social media users into a frenzy. Several people from different walks of life have been posting their own renditions of the song with some incredible dance moves.

The craze started in South Africa. Students, company representatives and people from various backgrounds started posting videos of themselves dancing along to the song. The trend soon became an internet sensation and the challenge has flooded the internet. Locally, various people have also been posting their own take on the Jerusalem challenge. CBZ bank employees made their own exciting video as well as employees from Kenlink pharmacy and Avenues clinic. There has been comparison on the best videos.

The song was a hit last year and a party would be incomplete if the DJ did not play it. It was also a favorite at weddings and people even did their bridal dances with the house hit. It seems its popularity has not faded into the shadows as evidenced by the challenge which has sucked in people from several countries.

The Jerusalem challenge has indeed caused a stir on social media. The song recently reached 50 million views on you tube making it one of the most popular songs ever.

Fans are mainly attracted to the soft beats on the song as well as Master KG’s melodious voice. The song has its own unique flare that makes it a top choice for many people. It also appeals to people from various nationalities.

Master KG is clearly a talented singer.

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