New twist to Tapiwa Makore murder as close relative is implicated

There has been a new twist to the murder of a young boy from Murewa. Tapiwa Makore aged 7 was brutally murdered after being sent to tend to a vegetable garden by his parents. He was waylaid on his way the garden by a herd boy who had been hired to kill him for ritual purposes.

The young boy was detained all day and suffered a horrible fate at night. Police have confirmed the arrest if his uncle, his father’s brother bearing the same name after he was implicated in the murder by the one suspect that had been arrested. Most people have learnt with shock the untimely fate that befell Tapiwa. The herd boy was arrested last week and he was found with blood stained clothes from the night that he had murdered the young boy. The boy was found with his head and other body parts missing. It was only after a neighbour woke up to dogs feasting on his decapitated body that people realised he had been killed. Police have confirmed that the herd boy claimed he had been promised US 1500 dollars for performing the heinous act which he was yet to receive.

The Murewa community also learnt with shock that the herd boy was found with other body parts, meaning that there are other unfortunate victims that have not been accounted for. The case has drawn so much attention and people have been calling for justice to be done.

The arrest of Tapiwa’s uncle has revealed that the murder was a well ochestrated plot involving people that were well known to the young boy.

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