5 rainy season must haves

The rainy season is upon us. As usual mum’s are busy preparation their little ones for this time of the year and heavy rains that usually make their presence felt during this period. Although rainfall patterns have been stunted, it is important that you buy these five items for your bundle of joy as you await the imminent rains.

1 Gumboots

Plastic boots are a definite must have. This period entails walking in muddy roads and wet loans. You certainly do not want your little angel catching a cold because of walking with wet shoes. Gumboots are ideal for this kind of weather. They do not allow any water to haunt your child’s feet. They are also comfortable to walk in when walking in a muddy road.

2 Raincoat

A raincoat is also a very important rain item. Nothing is more irritating than being rained on. This can also cause other problems such as colds and flues. Do buy a thick and loose raincoat that will not allow any water to get to your child’s skin. To make the whole experience more exciting, you can buy those with cartoon characters that your child loves.

3 Umbrella

Is also a necessity during this time
Umbrellas are needed even if you have bought a raincoat. There is nothing better than double protection after all. You can try to buy a cool umbrella with their favorite colours and characters.

4 Rain proof sneakers

Nothing irritates more than wet socks and shoes. Invest in a good pair of rain proof sneakers that will block any water from getting to your little one’s feet.

5 Hat

Yes , you do need a to give your a child a hat during the rainy weather. Get a good quality, rain friendly hat to ensure total protection. You can also get rainproof hats

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