5 side hustles that can give you extra income

There are a lot of business ventures that people can try out during this lockdown period. Side hustles have become such a common trend and most people are surviving on extra jobs that require less effort and time. Here are five business ideas for that extra income.

1 Ordering online and reselling stuff
The use of online platforms has enabled people to access clothes, gadgets and other things that people would not normally get locally. Ordering such things online and reselling them at an increased price is a viable business. This is particularly high paying business at the moment due to travel restrictions imposed by the lockdown.

2 Baking
Cakes have become such a trend. Gone are the days when plain, ordinary cakes were the order of the day. Bakers have become innovative and creative and the demand for such cakes has simply gone up. Cake business can be a great way to earn extra income.

3 Music lessons
Most people are talented with great vocals but rarely use them to their advantage. You can conduct some music lessons as an alternative source of income. This can either be done in person or even online.

5 Sport and training
For those that are sports fanatics, a great way to make money is by training and coaching young kids. It has always been emphasized that sport development is supposed to be done at grassroots level. You can make extra income by rounding up some young sports persons and teaching them skills that they can use later in their careers.

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