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Comedians put a hilarious spin on Ginimbi’s all white party

The recently held all white party hosted by flamboyant business man Ginimbi has been a topical subject on social media. Dubbed the king of all white parties, Ginimbi threw a lavish celebration at his Domboshava mansion. It was attended by a variety of patrons ranging from high end business partners to friends. It seems the covid 19 scare was not an issue as people thronged Ginimbi’s house for some fun. Comedians have now put their own spin on the party and social media has been ablaze with hilarious comments.

Madam boss had people laughing their lungs out by wearing a very queer looking all white ensemble. She wrapped herself up in some old material and claimed to be going to Ginimbi’s all white party. This had fans roaring with laughter.

Indeed the party attracted a lot of attention. Ginimbi occasionally throws one of these lavish affairs when he feels like it. He has hosted these all white parties locally and in several other countries such as Australia and South Africa. Ginimbi’s parties are usually attended by famous people such as Pokello and Luminista. They have however come under scrutiny for promoting loose behavior and nudity as people go all out to impress.

Shatrisha also left his fans laughing by doing a short comic skit on the all white party. He highlighted how much fun he had at the all white party albeit in a hilarious manner. As usual, the whole conversation was on a phone call.

Social media users have also been throwing shade at Ginimbi’s outfit on the day claiming that the upper part of his shirt looked like he was wearing a baby feeder. It seems there was so much to digest at the glitzy party.

Domboshava was a hub of activity as people lined up to get inside Ginimbi’s mansion for the party. It seems the business man has all the money in the world to splash on parties and expensive wine. Ginimbi is clearly living his best life.

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