Fast Jet all female crew makes history!

Women are indeed penetrating into fields that no one dreamed they could ever dominate. An all female crew recently made the headlines after safely flying a Fast jet plane jet on the Harare-Johannesburg-Harare Victoria Falls-Harare trip. The trip was led by captain Chipo Matimba and the first officer was Officer Chipo Gatsi who was formerly with the Air Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe proudly boasts of of only six female pilots namely Chipo Matimba, Emilia Njovani, Merna Moore, Chipo Gatsi, Elizabeth Chikumba and Sithandekile Dube.

Social media has been ablaze with positive comments about the all female crew that made history. The captain, Matimba previously highlighted in an interview that boys and girls were treated equally as they grew up in her family.

During the flight, the cabin was being manned by Rutendo Huni. Captain Matimba is no newcomer to the Aviation industry. She even flew the former president Robert Mugabe at one time during his tenure in office when she was still at Air Zimbabwe. She said women ought to take up such challenges. She remarked,”In the past, women were marginalised in many professions. With the advent of gender equality any woman can tackle any field successfully without fear of chauvinism. Let’s stand fellow ladies and be both seen and heard”.

First officer Chipo Gatsi also reiterated the importance of recognising abilities that women possess. She stated,”As you can imagine, it has not been a walk in the park. I like to think of it as a roller coaster. …For one thing, the aviation industry is male dominated and in addition to that, black people are relatively few in the industry. I felt I had something to prove from the questions,”can girls fly?”

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