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Mai Titi explains the reason why her pictures with new bae were removed from social media

Speculation has been high over the removal of intimate photos by Mai Titi on her Facebook page. The comedian has been flaunting her new bae, a Nigerian by the name of Mr Obina. Fans were shocked to see all photos of herself and the new love of her life removed from her social media pages. Mai Titi has since given clarity on the issue. She said her account was hacked and she lost all her pictures. Things have since been restored to normalcy and her pics are back on the page.

Mai Titi is clearly very much in love with her foreign love. She has been asking fans to call her Mrs Obina. Of course, there are those gunning for disappointment in the new relationship citing that it will end in tears but the comedian has scoffed at such revelations. According to her, this is the real deal.

Mai Titi has had bad luck in the past in terms of her love life. Her previous relationship with a much younger man ended with an ugly public brawl between the two. The relationship did not even last to see the light of day as hey broke up after only a few months of dating

Mai Titi’s face book account is prone to hacking due to her popularity. It has been hacked before and she said they are actually working on tightening security systems

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