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Fans reminisce on their most memorable Gringo television moments

Lazarus Boora, affectionately known as Gringo was no stranger to the big screen. The comedian lived to entertain and his untimely death has robbed the arts industry of some unique talent. Social media users have been sharing some of their best Gringo on screen moments.

Quizzed on the most memorable television moments that people remember, people had a lot to say. One fan commented that he enjoyed the scene where Gringo cooked a whole chicken for himself and later on poured some sugar into his sadza. He went on to brand himself the “best cooker” after pulling off the meal. The phrase “Gringo the best cooker” was indeed a famous one.

Another relived a memory of the time that Gringo locked up the housemaid Madhumbe and her boyfriend Philemon in the bedroom of their boss. Gringo could be seen putting on his naughty smirk after doing such and fans could not help but relinquish such moments.

Someone also said the best scenes that the comedian pulled off was when he had some conversations with fellow gardener Mbudziyadhura.The two would take jabs at each other and it was often difficult to distinguish who was better at poking the other between the two.

Gringo also blew his audience away when he put a horse pipe in Toby’s pants at one point as commented by fans. It later appeared as if the latter had peed in his pants.

Social media has been awash with comments on the memorable television moments shared by the late comedian. Gringo was only 47 when he succumbed to a stomach ailment. He was buried at his rural home in Rusape. Celebrities and those that he worked with came to pay their last respects to a man famous for bringing smiles to the faces of many people

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