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Ginimbi’s ex wife finally breaks her silence

Zodwa Mkandla has finally broken her silence following the death of her former husband. The ex wife of the late socialite Ginimbi set the record straight in a video on social media and made her intentions known concerning the Domboshava mansion. Zodwa started by clearing the air on the issue of Ginimbi’s friend Rimo and the allegations that he has been living around and collecting money to those who owed the late socialite. She refuted such claims. Zodwa lashed out at those spreading such rumours and said Ginimbi and Rimo go way back to the point that Rimo would never do such an atrocious thing.

With regards to the Domboshava mansion which Zodwa reportedly co owns, the socialite said she is not interested in taking ownership of the house. She however promised to fulfill Ginimbi’s wishes of turning it into a hotel. She pledged to utilize her travel agency, Traverse Travel Agency in order to put the soon to be hotel on the map. Proceeds from the project are set to benefit Ginimbi’s family. Zodwa said she has no intentions of taking the mansion because she owns her own mansion.

Zodwa has been at the centre of social media conversations with speculation mounting that she would want to take over Ginimbi’s wealth.

Ginimbi died in a car crash a few weeks back. The accident occured along Borrowdale road. Three of his friends namely Moana, Karim and Alichia also passed away in the crash. The wealthy socialite was famous for his love of parties and his lavish lifestyle

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