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Platinum Prince under fire for his song on Moana’s death

Platinum Prince has stirred controversy yet again. The controversial zimdancehall musician is currently under fire from some social media users following the release of his new song “Pamariro aMoana”. The song is a direct jab at Moana’s parents at the way in which they are handling her funeral arrangements.

Moana died in a horrific car accident along Borrowdale road. She was in the company of three friends, socialite Ginimbi, a wanted Malawian fugitive named Karim and a girl from Mozambique named Alichia. They all died in the crash. Moana’s parents have been quibbling over her burial arrangements leading to a high court application. Although her father was seemingly absent in her life for years, he is now at tandem with her mother over how things should be done at her funeral. He has reiterated that he would want her to be buried the Muslim way while her mother has suggested otherwise. Platinum Prince has since released a song highlighting the whole ordeal.

Most people have lashed out at the zimdancehall chanter for failing to respect the dead. His lyrics have been said to be disrespectful

Platinum Prince is no newcomer to stirring some controversy. He occasionally pens down songs throwing shade at prominent names. He once released a song titled Gafa in which he dissed fellow artist Winky D. He was also at the centre of controversy early this year when he released a song titled “ndo yacho here Mr President”.

The recent song has found much disfavour with music lovers. It seems Moana is clearly fighting for her name to be honoured from the other side.

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