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Prophet warns Madam boss of impending death

Madam boss is at the centre of a social media storm after a self proclaimed prophet made a death prophet in her name. One white garment prophet by the name of madzibaba Crynedge is trending on social media after giving a prophecy that the comedian will meet her demise before year end in a tragic car accident. He said a comedian by the name Tyra Chikocho would be mourned very soon. In a later statement, the prophet has even dated the comedian to ignore his warning shouod she want to witness what will happen to her to her around the 20th of December. He said he is not seeking popularity but his prophetic words are indeed true.

Social media has been flooded with mixed reactions to the death prophecy with the comedian’s most loyal fans asking for prayers in order to avert the dream. Others have rubbished the prophecy as a mere publicity stunt on the part of the prophet. Madam boss is a famous person and speculation is high that the the prophet might be trying to ride on her fame

Madam boss is popular for her health hillarious comic videos. She is also a business woman and brand ambassador for various companies. Her exposure to the limelight has made her a target for both bullying and hero worship as fans and foes battle for her attention. The comedian is alleged to have asked prophet Magaya and Passion Java to pray for her.

The revelation by the local prophet comes a few days after another South African prophet claimed to have foreseen the death of a famous Zimbabwean comedian. However, the SA based prophet said the cause of death would be a skin disease. He claimed tho have contacted the person but decided to make it public after receiving no response

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