Parents bemoan high cost of fees as schools open.

As the new school term begins, parents have been seething in anger at the shocking fees hikes by most schools. In spite of the pronouncement by government that schools must not hike fees above the 20% threshold, most schools are still charging exhorbitant amounts and at times trippling the current fees. Other schools are schools are also charging in US dollars or rating their fees in US dollars Schools such as Riverton academy have left many people in shock at their fees pegged at over one hundred thousand zimbabwean dollars. Social media has been awash with comments about their fees structure which most people are not able to afford. According to calculations done a civil servant would need over 12 years to be able to afford fees for one term at the academy.

Dominican convent also made the headlines a few days ago when it was alleged that they had locked outside all students and demanded a top up fee of 27 000 rtgs. The fees hikes are a cause for concern for most parents who have to part ways with all their hard earned money in order to put their kids ins school. The situation is even worse for civil servants who take home a measly salary. Teachers have also threatened to go on strike adding more fuel to the fire.

As if the worst never end, prices of basic school necessities such as rulers, covers and books have sky rocketed. Those who sent their kids to boarding schools have been lamenting the high cost of groceries as now required by most schools and then the tuck they have to buy for their kids. It surely is a difficult time for most people and January promises to be a very long month for most.

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