5 Things You’ll Never Take For Granted After Working For A Horrible Boss

In life you can easily remember your most horrible boss, and how much they negatively impacted your life. AsΒ  you can imagine, even if you don’t have first-hand experience, it’s extremely hard to work for someone you hate, even if you love what you’re doing. Here are 5 Things You’ll Never Take For Granted After Working For A Horrible Boss..

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1. Trust

Working in an environment where all your decisions were questioned, and maybe even your integrity itself, reporting to someone who trusts you is nothing to sneeze at.So if your boss doesn’t trust you its something you have to worry about.Β  Memories do fade over time, even ones that involve horrible bosses.

2. Room To Be Wrong

Working in a healthy environment means room to grow by experimenting and making mistakes. How can you possibly think outside the box when your supervisor’s breathing down your neck on rewriting the report so that it follows the exact template he laid out for you. Talk about stunted growth. Its never easy.

3. Appreciation

Having someone who appreciates your work is the most motivating and inspiring thing ever, for exampleΒ  the first week after starting a new job, your boss might thank youΒ  for your work at the end of the day.Β  It’s just so amazing

4. Work-Life Balance

When you work for a horrible boss your mind will never be at ease, you find yourselfΒ  constantly checking for missed calls or emails hours after you’d left the office. Having a work-life balance is one of the most important things in life.

5. Happy Co-workers

Obvious but true: A bad boss affects the whole team. When you work for a goodΒ leader, you’re surrounded by productive, content co-workers, andΒ  you can focus on the job in front of me rather than waste time commiserating about how much you hate your boss. Venting can be cathartic, but if it’s all you ever do, it can take a toll.

Even neutral colleagues make a better work environment than ones who just complain so while you may not be BFFs with your whole team, You’ve got to admit it’s nice being surrounded by people who aren’t living in fear of upper management.


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