5 Shocking Revelations From The Limpopogate Match-Fixing Scandal

Where there is smoke there is fire, the whistle blower in the ongoing soccer match-fixing case, Leeroy Kundishora Waguta spilled the beans in court concerning  Rushwaya having an affair with Mwaruwari and other dirty tricks played by the former  Zifa board Member’s and you won’t believe what he just revealed. Here are top 10 Shocking Revelations From The Limpopogate Match-Fixing Scandal.

5 Shocking Revelations From The Limpopogate Match-Fixing Scandal

1. Rushwaya had a relationship with Mwaruwari and she had (unlimited access) to his properties. She did what she pleased and brought people to the house.

 2.  Waguta’s first task was to talk to Washington Arubi, who plays for University of Pretoria, to lose a match against University of the Witwatersrand and he was offered him $8 000 and he vehemently rejected it.
3. In February,  Waguta met Kasinauyo, Rushwaya, ‘Chief’ and Ian Gorowa at Protea Hotel in Hatfield, South Africa where it was indicated that the Africa Cup of Nations 2017 qualifier game between Zimbabwe and Swaziland was to be manipulated.
4. Kasinauyo promised to put pressure on Warriors coach Calisto Pasuwa to release the team that would play with Swaziland, and Gorowa said he would talk to Warriors goalkeeper Tatenda Mukuruva.

5. Chief proposed $15 000 per each of the three targeted players -the goalkeeper, defender and midfielder  or they would target the goalkeeper and two defenders. Leeroy was to get R100 000 while Rushwaya and others would get $40 000 each. However, there was a misunderstanding because Rushwaya wanted $60 000.



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