Mai Titi enjoys birthday in style.

Comedian Felistas Murata, popurlaly known as Mai Titi recently had a blast at her birthday party celebration recently. The jeans only event was held at Motor Action sports club. Celebrities and invited guests were asked to put on denim, one of Mai Titi’s favorite looks. The birthday girl looked casual and cheeky in some denim jeans and a denim jacket. Her bold make up and expensive wig made her the lady of the night as she showed off her posing skills.

Several celebrities graced the occasion and showered Mai Titi with presents. Among the list of guests was fellow comedian and friend Madam boss, zimdancehall singer Freeman, uprising comedian Ray Vines and Baba Harare among others. Mai Titi was clearly enjoying herself as she danced along to music and was all smiles.
She later wrote on her Instagram account, “This was the bashment of the year…Best birthday party ever”.

Mai Titi also got emotional as she said out her birth speech. She said that she was grateful that people around her had taught her a lot. Mai Titi’s renowned in the comic industry for her hillarious skits. She is also a great MC. She is also a singer.

The party was elevated to another level when Baba Harare’s song Hat dzemurara was played. Most people went into a frenzy of removing their hats and wigs,Mai Titi included.

Celebrities in Zimbabwe have of late started embracing birthday bashes. This year Enzo ishall and Stunner threw massive parties to celebrate their born days.

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