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Buffalo Souljah working on new video

South African based Zimbabwean artist Buffalo Souljah is at present working on a new video which is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Buffalo Souljah this week posted on his instagram page while he was hard at work as he wet the appetite of fans who will be looking forward to seeing the video he is currently working on at the moment.

Buffalo Souljah’s last video was one released early this year where he teamed up with Enzo Ishall for the video Fear No Man. The South African based Zimbabwean is however now looking at providing another offering on the market that fans can enjoy.

Buffalo Souljah is one of the most renowned Zimbabwean artists based in South Africa and commands massive respect within the music industry across the Limpopo. Apart from his singing prowess Buffalo Souljah boasts of a record label which has nurtured several artists.

One of the beneficiaries of Buffalo Souljah’s record label is another Zimbabwean based in South Africa Queen Vee. It is courtesy of Buffalo Souljah that Queen Vee rose to fame in 2006 with popular tracks.

Apart from his desire to see his music blossoming Buffalo Souljah has a heart for his country and has always done all he can to help nurture Zimbabwean artists. It is courtesy of having built solid relations with Buffalo Souljah that Enzo Ishall is now receiving widespread airplay on international music channels such as Channel O, Trace Africa, and MTV Base Africa. Buffalo Souljah has also collaborated with local artists such as Freeman and Killer T.

Given his success in the music industry Buffalo Souljah stands out as a beacon of success in the South African music industry where he commands great respect as well as a large following.

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