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5 Tips for managing a radio station in Zimbabwe By Napoleon aka Napstar

After the interview with leading radio sensation Napoleon Napstar, he shared with us tips on managing a radio station in Zimbabwe. Having worked at StarFM and Capitalk FM he pioneered a standard of excellence in radio and gave us some simple tips on how to run a radio station effectively.

Tip 1Give your 100% all of the time.

Napoleon explained when it comes to running a radio station your part is important.

Always give the best you can give, whether you are running the morning show or you are behind the scenes, giving your all will always work best for you.  In radio, there are no excuses. Excellence must be the daily standard. You cannot let your audience down no matter what happens. If you have to work all day and all night it will eventually show in the quality of your product. When I was on air or working behind the scenes to help us move forward, I just used to say to myself, β€œIf not me then who? If not now then when? β€œ


Tip 2 Always be Punctual and Professional

As both a radio presenter and a station manager Napstar explained the importance of punctuality and Time management in running a radio station.

Running a radio requires punctuality and professionalism, don’t pick up “diva” habits of being late. All meetings deadlines and appointments are important if you are looking to run a radio. You must always arrive ahead of time to put your things in order. That way time is always on your side. One thing I learnt from working with Celebration media was the importance of time. I used to say to myself,” A broadcaster is never late, early is on time and on time is late.”


Tip 3 Relationships are key

Napoleon strongly believes in the need for you to keep and maintain relationships.

Without relationships, you cannot work on radio. Your relationship with your audience is what keeps people interested in you in the first place. Relationships with people will help you advance your career and will help people trust you with their projects. You must master your relationships. Never treat people like you are better than them every one is important. Be good to people on your way up you will need them on your way down.

Tip 4 Focus on the tasks at hand

Napoleon shared with us the importance of managing each task as it comes to you so as to move forward in radio management.

Focusing on your issues your personal issues on the job is key to running a successful radio station. If you get caught up in watching other people you will get distracted and miss out on your own opportunities. Focus on dealing with your issues as they come to you. Run your own race stay in your lane.

Tip 5 Plan long term

The 5th tip is on the importance of making a legacy. This is on long term planning and project building. Napoleon had this to say.

Live for a legacy. Leave a generational impact, when you work in radio plan to build a platform that will last for decades. Do your best to build a legacy in all your work. I live for a legacy and want to build something that last.

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