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Prayer Soul Swoops Management Deal With South African Company

How is Prayer Soul doing in 2015?

Prayer Soul is great. Everything is going well.

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Do you write all the songs you perform and record or you have a designated writer?

I write most of the material I release and I also co-write some of the songs. I am open to singing songs that are written by other people.

Explain the concept for your music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

My first album was inspired a lot by love and life. More recently I started writing stuff that is more progressive. I have been writing stuff that inspires people to dream for better relationships, dream for better jobs and dream to achieve your inner desires.

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How do you prepare for your shows?

I usually start off with a concept, then work on how to present that concept using my songs. I think it would be boring if I did the same show over and over again. My shows always feel different because there’s always a different concept.

If you were asked to collaborate with any female vocalist from Zim, who would it be?

The first 2 names that pop up are Tariro neGuitare and Ammara Brown.

Who are your top 5 favorite local artist?

Tehn Diamond

Tariro Negitare

Ammara Brown

Oliver Mtukudzi

Brian Kadengu

What have you learnt about pursuing your dreams?

It’s easier said than done. It involves a lot of working, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of reading and focus. You have to realize your goal, research on who has done it already, find out how they did it and keep learning. The principals of success are the same all round, you have to put in the work.

How many albums do you have and when can we expect an album from you?

I have one album which I released in February 2012 titled Prayer Soul, my first album and it’s got 10 tracks. I have been pushing it and using that to get into different spaces. It’s proved to be very successful so I feel it’s about time I release another project.

Do you have any international gigs lined up?

I have done some performances in South Africa and I just signed a management deal with an artist management company based in South Africa. So I will be doing a lot of stuff there. I have also been invited to Italy, I also opened a show for Jamaran in Austria. I have done a show in Malawi aswell.

Prayer Jamara

What’s the difference between performing here in Zim and overseas?

They always feel the music. That’s the most humbling thing for me, going to perform overseas and the people feel the music . I think in Europe the audience appreciates the art more because they really respect the art as your occupation and they respect it as your trade.

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We have noticed there a very few if not any local music videos playing on Trace, Channel O and Mtv Base, what do you think needs to be done for our industry to compete on that level?

I feel like we all just need to find out how to get there and do the necessary things that need to be done to get there. I think there is a way and I am going to make it on.

Who is your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration right now in terms of just being an artist and a brand is John Legend.

What has been the highlight of your career?

I have had many times I have just stopped to soak in the moment. For instance when I was performing at Bona’s wedding, people were just enjoying the music and I was just blown away.

If you were President for one day, what would you change and why?

If I was President for one day I would just make sure the radio stations and t.v stations pay royalties for the music that they use. I feel like the new radio stations have new energy , the reason why they have such a buzz is because of the content the local artists are creating. I would also push for people in our country to learn business ethics because that’s the only way we can create functional industries.

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Prayer has such a swaggy dress sense, where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

My dad is popular for always looking sharp so I think it’s genetic lol. I have some cool fashonista friends who help me with how I dress at different types of events.

What do you dislike about fame ?

Very few things actually, sometimes you just want to have a private moment but you belong to the people now, someone can approach me asking for a picture when I am not in the right mind state for that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would have started my Real Estate business, I feel like there is a lot of potential to have better housing in high density areas and there is a lot of potential to develop the country. Musically I am working on getting into the region so 5 years from now I would be an international success.

Any words of wisdom for the youth of Zimbabwe?

The only limits you have are the ones you have in your mind. I had times I would ask myself how I am going to be an international star, how does that even make sense, I am writing Neo Soul in Zimbabwe how will I make it? But there is a always a way through. Have clear goals, don’t be afraid to knock on doors and ask questions.

How can your fans reach you?

Website: www.prayersoul.com

Twitter: @Prayersoul

Facebook: Prayer Soul

Email: info@prayersoul.com

Instagram: PrayerSoul Music

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