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John Cole’s Inspirational Journey

Award-winning dancer and choreographer John Cole shared his journey and his rise to fame. John Cole spoke with us in-depth about the way he worked so hard to build his career as a dancer to the stage it is now.

Q John Cole Tell us about your career? How you became the household name you are today?

I began pushing years ago and people never knew it. It took years we started pushing this way back in the day we spoke about this we spoke about John Cole the dancer saying one day it will happen. I never doubted myself but I went through a lot of hard lessons to get where I am today.

Q. What were the highlights for you in 2019

Nothing was as precious for me as dancing and working with my son. As John Cole, it was so inspirational for me to impact my next generation in that way to put him on. I remember when word got out to the family they were so surprised but so proud. I believe it’s apart of building the next generation of stars this way and we need generational teaching in Zimbabwe. The second most amazing thing that happened this year was to host my own show. It came after years of work of building myself. I’m doing the Mapopoma show this December it’s going to be amazing.

Q. What Do Zimbabwean artists need to do to get international?

A lot of things in terms of Zimbabwe are not able to get there because it’s not just about the music. It’s about education and understanding the industry. If your social media is not right you won’t make it on Trace Africa. There are no shortcuts with this stuff if you are not fully registered with the relevant music rights bodies if your video quality isn’t right it just won’t happen people need to be more professional with their craft.

Q. What are the opportunities you see

In terms of the entertainment industry, there is a huge opportunity to go global because of the social media age. I have been seeing a huge development in social media and that allows Zimbabweans to go global right now.

Q. What are the challenges we have in Zimbabwe

I think Zimbabweans have a big issue of not necessarily supporting each other. Zimbabweans only want to support you when you are being supported by others outside the country. When I was doing my thing and pushing dancing none of the corporates where interested once I went to China all of the corporates and people started looking for me. That’s what disappointed me, we don’t want to support each other until then. Then some companies need to understand social media like when I start talking algorithms and a marketing manager is confused I’m like WHAT! A whole marketing manager?!? Companies need to get on board with the new age we are in.

Q. How did you become social media stars

In terms of social media, Ammara and I take our social media brands very seriously. We do our research we watch the trends we learn algorithms we engage with everyone in our DMs and comments. We could easily and confidently say that we are global social media experts. We put in the work so many people don’t understand how fast the world is changing on social media I recently joined Tik Tok its the next big thing I could easily sit on any organisation as a social media consultant because I understand the industry and am able to appeal to global markets. We invest heavily in our careers and when we break down why we charge what we charge it makes people understand the struggles we go through to become household names.

Find out more as John Cole and Ammara share their guides to being a household name, the tips and tricks to social media success and the work ethic it takes to build your career in the entertainment industry.

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