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Levels:Mudiwa Hood buys his one year old son a brand new car

Hip hop artist Mudiwa has started the year on a positive note. He was nominated for the prestigious BEFTA award and had an encounter with France based soccer star Tino Kadewere. He was even gifted with Kadewere’s soccer jersey. The singer has now pulled another shocker by buying his one year old son a car.

Although his son is not able to drive the car, the singer said he found it befitting to buy him his own set of wheels. He said a driver will move around with his son in the new car as he visits his granny. Mudiwa’s followers on social media were full of praises for the artist and said it was commendable that he was doing such nice things for his son.

Mudiwa also bragged about being able to provide such luxuries for his son. He then asked the ladies to hook up with him and remarked that if he was able to do such things for a baby, he would surely be able to do even better for his future bae. Mudiwa broke up with his wife Angelica last year soon after the birth of their son.

Mudiwa is well known for buying gifts and spending on other people. He once blessed some street kids with new clothes and food. He pays school fees for several people and has a lot of philanthropic work to his name. He occasionally gives money and other gifts to his followers on social media.

Mudiwa has been holding workshops to educate young people on making money. He also published his own book on finance.

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