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Lorraine Guyo and former manager cause commotion online.

Zimbabwean comedian, actress and brand ambassador Lorraine Guyo has yet again managed to set tongues wagging with her recent public fallout with former manager Thomas Chizhanje. The young and talented actress is under the spotlight after some leaked watsap messages exposed some details about her personal life.

In the messages that have been doing the rounds online, Lorraine accuses her former manager of stealing from her, taking away her virginity and eventually dumping her. She then goes on to give out details of all the times that Chizhanje made good with her hard earned money from several campaigns.

Most people felt sorry for Lorraine whose thrust into the limelight came as a result of another public stunt with her “Ndinyengeiwo”video. She had lost her job then as a result of the video in which she had dared men to propose love to her on Valentine’s day. Lorraine had been spotted by brands such as JanJam and Mambo’s chicken and her celebrity status was birthed. She had then roped in Thomas Chizhanje as her manager.

Rumour had it that the two were dating but nothing was ever confirmed. In the latest development however, most people have seen Lorraine as a vulnerable, young lady whose manager took advantage of. Queen Tatelicious, as always, was the first one to run with the story and dished out all the juicy details of the altercation between the two. Most people expressed anger and disappointment at the way Chizhanje had handled his affairs with Lorraine. Even comedian Enock Chisale had a few words for Chizhanje and advised him to give Lorraine back her money.

Lorraine has been doing very well in the showbiz sector. She has been working together with prominent names such as the Comic Pastor and Madam boss. She was recently in South Africa on work related business. She also has several brands endorsing her at the moment.

After the chats found their way into the public domain Lorraine simply wrote on her online handles that it was her time to pick up the pieces and move on.

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