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Mai Titi hints at pregnancy

Comedian Mai Titi has sent social media into overdrive after asking fans about labour and delivery. The comedian asked her female fans what labour really feels like and that she has since forgotten about the pains of giving birth. This has led to speculation that she might be pregnant.

Fans have anxiously asking the comedian about her sentiments and whether she is indeed pregnant. Most people have said they are excited should the sentiments be a true reflection of what they are hoping for. Mai Titi is currently head over heels in love with her Nigerian bae known as Mr Obina.

There have been several hints by the comedian that the two could get married anytime soon and most people are wondering whether a little bundle of joy is indeed on the way. Mai Titi already has two daughters who are already in their teens. The comedian has not given any clarity on the queries being raised by fans. Excitement has however already mounted and her followers are even suggesting baby names.

Mai Titi is an accomplished comedian, singer and business woman. She has been blowing up the internet with steamy images of herself and her new man. Although she has had a stint of bad luck with men in the past, the comedian seems to have found the one this time. She recently underwent a liposuction procedure in South Africa and bragged that it was Mr Obina who had footed the 50 000 rand bill. Speculation is high that the surgical procedure was done in preparation for her upcoming wedding, which most are hoping for.

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