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Mudiwa Hood receives praise for blessing street kids

Mudiwa Hood has been commended for his acts of kindness after blessing some street kids in town. The outspoken rapper pulled a shocker when he took a bunch of street kids and purchased some clothes and food for them. Mudiwa has a reputation for giving and has a lot of charity work under his belt such as paying school fees for students.

Mudiwa said he was passing through town when he encountered the kids. They quickly ran to his car and begged him to buy them some food as they were hungry. True to his calling, Mudiwa managed to buy them some eats at Chicken inn food outlet and went clothes shopping with them. Mudiwa seems to find gratification whenever he forks out money to help those in need. He has been uplifting the less privileged for some time now such as the time he helped a poor teacher who had been caught stealing some mealies. Mudiwa reimbursed the owner of the mealies and promised to pay fees for the teacher’s child.

Mudiwa has now challenged people to help those in need wherever they are. The rapper is evidently a great ambassador of goodwill and lives by his christian values. His humility and and desire to see a smile on other people’s faces is priceless.

Mudiwa even made reference to the homeless kids as his new friends. Mudiwa might have had his fair share of controversy on social media including his long standing beef with Stunner but his good deeds have made him the people’s favorite. He is one of the few people on the entertainment industry to lend a helping hand where necessary.

Social media has been awash with positive comments on the rapper’s contribution to society. Mudiwa is famous for his hit song Ndaita mari. He has one son with his enstranged wife Angelica. Early last month he paid a visit to a young fan and blessed her with toys and some goodies. Earlier on he had given away six pairs of new sneakers to random fans on his social media pages. The sneakers were from Mai Titi’s meow brand. The rapper never gets tired of doing good and has encouraged others to follow suit

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