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Passion Java’s top 5 enemies of 2020

Those that are constantly in the public eye often have their own fights. Passion Java has had his fair share of enemies this year and this has spilled onto social media domains. These are give people that the preacher has fought with this year

1 Ginimbi

Before he met his demise, Ginimbi was involved in a heated tug of war with prophet Passion Java. The two would flex their financial muscle time and again. The issue became serious to the point that the celebrated business men would take jabs at each other’s physical appearances.

2 Mai Titi

When friends turn foes things can go pretty ugly. The ongoing feud between comedian Mai Titi and Passion is evidence of that notion. The two have been at loggerheads since early this year. Passion often throws shade at the comedian and has branded her a loose cannon. On the other hand, Mai Titi has lashed out at the preacher for trying to use her, something which she has stamped down her foot and vowed that it would not happen.

3 Mambo Ndini

The latest person to try and take down the controversial man of God is local entrepreneur Mambo ndini. The owner of 1202 herbal solutions might have made the error of his life after taking shots at Java recently. This resulted in a nasty exchange of words on social media, proving once again that Java does not back down from a fight.

4 Enzo ishall

The two were once business associates after Java signed in the zimdancehall chanter. A few months down the line, the two were already shading each other especially after Enzo ishall got signed in by TeeMak. Java openly shunned the artist while Enzo penned down a song that raised speculation that it could have been a direct jab at Java. They have since mended fences.

5 Queen Tatelicious

She is not afraid to speak out her mind and she did just that with the man of God. Tatelicious has been ranting and raving at Java since the start of the year

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