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Pokello blows up the internet with saucy pics

Pokello has been blowing up the internet with some steamy pics from a recent photoshoot. The socialite has been hard at work promoting her new Pokello pink bottoms range called Purple sunset. The images from her shoot have been making waves on social media. The socialite has once again proved that she has what it takes to get our head turning.

Pokello clearly invested a lot of time and effort io making her shoot a success. In one of the images, she is seen standing besides a chopper together with her sister. She is also pictured inside Ginimbi’s lamborghini. The socialite oozes grace, beauty and a unique ambience that most women would do anything for. And she pulls it off effortlessly.

Pokello is regarded as one of the most stylish and beautiful women in the country. The self titled queen of swagger is not one to shy away from the cameras. She loves to flaunt it all. Pokello’s recent pics have had people talking including fellow celebrities.

Musician Baba Harare commented on the pictures and said they revealed that indeed women are different. He wrote,”Ndopaunonzwa Jatuwero achiri vakadzi vakafanana…”. Pokello has turned many heads with the pictures and her latest collection is set to be a hit.

Pokello has been taking her business seriously. She opened an upmarket boutique at Sammy Levy village early this year. She has also been promoting her shoe line Pokello pink bottoms.

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