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Top 5 most memorable Ginimbi moments

The late socialite and business man Ginimbi was well known for living his life on the edge. Indeed the flamboyant business man had it all and was not scared of flashing his wealth. He however had other attributes that most people will remember him by. Here are top five most memorable moments that fans will always reminisce on.

1 Chill at home moments

The man loved to savour precious dinner and breakfast moments at his Domboshava mansion. He often invited his friends for big buffets. Fans will always remember pictures of the socialite devouring all sorts of delicious foods at his home, by the poolside.

2 All white parties
Ginimbi loved to throw all white parties. He would ask his guests to adorn themselves in white clothes, splurge on champaign and invite various artists to perform at his upmarket night club. His friends and associates will surely miss the vibe and exciting hype as they partied the night away at his parties. Ginimbi even held these fancy parties in other countries such as Australia and South Africa. To honour this memory, his friends actually threw an all white send off party when he passed away.

3 Care giving moments

Although he rarely talked about it, Ginimbi gave to the helpless and needy. He donated a lot of things to orphanages and gave to the homeless. It was reported that those that are less privileged admitted that life would never be the same for them following his death.

4 Speed thrills

The man had an insatiable appetite for speed. This was the leading factor in the cause of his death. Ginimbi had a reputation for passing through Borrowdale road in full speed and people would always know that it was his car passing by without even seeing it. He was said to have been driving at over 200 km an hour when his Rolls Royce rammed into a Honda fit before hitting a tree and later bursting into flames.

5 Social media thrills and wars

Ginimbi often entertained his followers on instagram by inviting ladies to dance for him on live sessions. This attracted a lot of interest. He also had his fair share of social media feuds with other socialites with the most common one being his tug of war with controversial preacher Passion Java. The two often hit at each other on social media

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