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How to dress well for every occasion

You are going to a wedding or a party and you thinking what you going to wear. Mentally, you check off the dresses in your closet. Are any of them appropriate? In fashion, the rules are often meant to be brokenβ€”which just makes the perfect outfit even harder to find. Β So here are some tips on choosing a perfect outfit for any occasion.

Dress for the occasion
Find out what the typical attire is for the type of event you’re attending by asking the host of the event. This way you’ll know exactly what the expectations are, and you won’t show up wearing jeans and a tank top when everyone else is in a dress. Consider the season, the time of the day of the event and the weather, especially if the event is outdoors. For example, if you’re going to a beach wedding, wear a light, summer dress as opposed to a formal gown that you might wear to an indoor, night-time, winter wedding.

Peruse your closet and try on different outfits or dresses to see if you already have something that you’ll feel comfortable wearing to this particular occasion.

Go shopping
Go shopping for an outfit if you couldn’t find anything suitable in your closet, and bring a friend who will help you decide on the right thing to wear for the occasion. Make sure to have matching shoes and accessories to go with your outfit.

Plan your outfits in advance
If you have several weddings coming up this summer and you’d like to wear a different dress for each one, start shopping early so that you’re not stuck at the last minute with nothing to wear and no time to find a suitable dress or pair of shoes. Ask friends or family what they’re wearing to the same occasion to make sure you’re all on the same page and to ensure that you won’t be under or overdressed.

Invest in Basics
This one is a classic fashion rule and it’s very important. Invest in pieces like simple tees, a pair of dark-jeans, comfy heels and I swear you will never go wrong; picking out outfits will become infinitely easier.

Same goes with jeweller- beautiful pearls will take you through college formal events and beyond, while that crazy-but-awesome three-finger ring will probably only be good for a few seasons. It’s therefore better to save on the ring and splurge on the pearls to maximize the bang for your buck.

Stick With Your Style
When you stay true to your style you feel so much confident.Β  But off cause the will be times when you need to adjust and get out of your comfort zone like wearing a dress if you not used to wearing them. However comfort is key when you’re out and about.

If you choose to purchase something new for an event, make sure you have a β€œtrial run” with it before the actual event–especially if it’s a pair of shoes! This will allow you to foresee any issues with the look and solve them before it is too late. This trial should also include trying out your makeup and hair styles if you decide you want to change those up as well.

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