Popular tv soapie unpacks reality on sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is an issue that most nations are battling to control. The recent spin off between Nimrod Kunutu and Pretty Seakamela on popular soapie Seem Saam has served as an eye opener to the trials and tribulations that most women face on a daily basis due to sexual harassment. Of course it comes in many forms some of which the victims themselves might not even realise.

Like most countries, Zimbabwe is battling to stamp out sexual violence against women and children. Cases of rape are on the increase and sexual intimidation at work places and other areas is surging on a daily basis. A man was recently convicted for raping a minor child several times during the night. He only released her in the morning and she had to be sutured on her privates. This is the sad reality that our society is faced with. Sexual harassment could be in the form of unwarranted sexual remarks towards another, indecent assault or rape. It can either be physical or emotional. Whichever way it clearly leaves a painful scar in one’s life.

The current story line in Skeem Saam has been taken by most people as a reflection of what women have to go through at times and the difficulty of having to prove sexual harassment. The victim often has to be at pains to prove that they were indeed sexually harassed just like Pretty. Witnesses might also not be forthcoming.

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