Soapie lovers blown away by Boniswa’s glamourous transformation#Scandal

Lusande Mbane who plays the role of Boniswa Langa has been commended for a stunning performance lady night on popular television soapie Scandal. The South African entrepreneur,radio personality, brand ambassador and actress is popular for acing various television roles. Fans were blown away when she stepped out looking all glamorous on her scene with Mamba.

Although Boniswa is a wealthy person with a massive business empire left behind by her husband, she is currently working undercover as a maid to unearth what happened to her son in law Romeo. She has been acting the part, portraying the role of a maid and winning the heart of her employee Mamba in the process. Of course, Mamba is no softie but his tough character seems to have been charmed by the so called Lizzie, the humble maid. Last night’s scene saw the two sharing an intimate dinner. Boniswa has certainly managed to wiggle her way into the life of the notorious Mamba much to the disapproval of her madam Violetta.

Social media has been awash with comments about Boniswa’s transformation from trashy maid to a sizzling hot mistress. Fans are also anxiously waiting to see how things will pan out for the undercover maid and whether her mission to uncover the truth will be compromised due to her flirting with Mamba. Lusanda has bagged many roles in various soapies including Generations, Abo Mzala and Scandal. She is estimated to have a net worth of over half a million rands.

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