Prominent journalist pens down moving tribute to Prince Kadewere

Prominent sports journalist Francis Nyamutsamba recently had soccer lovers in tears after writing a touching tribute to the late Prince Kadewere. The former football star and coach died last week and his sudden death robbed the football fraternity of yet another talented coach. Below is his moving tribute when h he published on social media.

Gone too soon Prince!

So it’s a Saturday morning at Pocket’s Hill and as usual the assignments editor is keen to know what I am working on. At the back of my mind is Tinotenda Kadewere’s much talked about transfer to Olympique Lyon. In the journalism world this story is somewhat stale given Tino’s transfer had been sealed two day’s earlier, but again having been in the field for 12 year’s I know there is an angle that still need’s to be pursued.

In a flash I call “Boss Pulo” with the intention of securing an interview. My hopes are however momentarily dashed when Prosper a former under 20 national team player informs me he is out of town. At that moment my journalism instinct tells me to push for an alternative and following a bit of persistence Boss Pulo exhibits good leadership qualities by delegating. In his absence he orders his younger brother “Pipi” to speak on the family’s behalf.

We leave Pocket’s Hill headed for Highfield with a camera lady named Vivian. Some may have read about her following a nasty incident in which we had been physically assaulted by former Dynamos head coach Paulo George Silva. Away from the drama of the failed Dynamos gaffer we get to Highfield and we are warmly welcomed by Pipi, a character I knew so well during his days at Zimbabwe Crackers and later on Monomotapa.

Now for me Pipi was a brother, a brother so desperate to see me succeed. I remember Pipi desperately whispering at me during a level 2 practical coaching exam at Highfield High 2 which was conducted by Takaendesa Jongwe. I had somehow momentarily mixed up my wall pass drill during a practical exam but Pipi quickly came to my rescue with our instructor not having taken notice.

Prince invites us inside. The home has of course been greatly improved thanks to Tino’s inspiring football adventure in Europe. We get inside, Pipi offers me a “drink” but being the person that I am, even the slightest of alcohol while on duty is a no no for me. As usual we have a brief football chat with Pipi who highlights the disappointment of being sacked by division 1 club Beta XI, a situation he attributed to lack of patience on the part of the club’s leadership.

We come to the main business of our visit and draw out our camera and microphone. I ask Pipi some questions regarding Tinotenda’s big move to French giants Olympique Lyon and I couldn’t help but sense the excitement in Pipi’s voice. He hail’s his younger brothers progress highlighting how Tinotenda’s success had brought joy to the family. Pipi’s career may have been derailed by injury but a breakthrough for Tino is just the kind of success the family had been yearning for, a situation Prince attributed to the almighty.

In the aftermath of our interview we say our goodbyes, but little did I know it would be a last goodbye.

May your soul rest in eternal peace Prince.

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