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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zvekupenga

#Zvekupenga is a song by Chashe and Tinashe Makura which is currently receiving a lot of airplay on Zimbabwean radio stations and Β is making noise on social media. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about this project.

Chashe is based in Boston and Tinashe Makura is based in Harare. They have never met in real life.

Tinashe was introduced to Chashe’s music by Munya BloggoΒ their Mutual friend in January 2014 via Facebook, after realising the two had similar styles.

Chashe recorded her vocals in Boston while the producer was directing her via Skype from Malaysia.

Tinashe Makura’s vocals where recorded in his bedroom.

Zvekupenga was produced by Grammy award winning producer Anton Morgan in Malaysia.

The track was mastered in New Zealand at Β KOG Studios.

The Zvekupenga music video (currently being made) will include random videos from people all over the world … literary doing something crazy and singing along to the song.

The music video is going to be put together by Cru who works at Chilli Peppers Films in Malaysia.

Zvekupenga was the second concept they had for a collaboration. The first concept is still on the shelf…for now (insert Evil grin).

The lyrics to the song are inspired by wedding vows that a real couple exchanged on their wedding day.

I bet you didn’t know that did you???

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