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Top ways that tennis can improve your health

We all know that exercise is good for us, and that it is important to stay fit and healthy, but what makes tennis such a beneficial sport? Have a look here at what we think are some of the best reasons to play tennis for people of all ages.

It gives you a full body workout

Unlike some sports, tennis gives you a full body workout using all of your muscles and your entire body to run, bend and hit the ball. From your head to your toes tennis will leave you feeling better in many ways, and this is just one of them. Even though you may never have people taking a chance on your career with the Men’s Australian Open odds, or find yourself holding the Venus Rosewater Dish in celebration of your victory, at least you can feel more fit and healthy from playing any standard of tennis.

It keeps your heart healthy

The short and sharp runs and bursts of energy that tennis requires as you play a game is great for your heart, getting the blood pumping and burning fat reducing your likelihood of a heart attack or heart disease.

It burns fat

Some studies have shown that tennis is one of the best ways to burn calories and lose those extra pounds, even more than some exercises that you would think would be better like a relaxed cycle or dancing. With so many quick runs, bends jumps and swings tennis is a great way to get in shape and stay there!

It improves your bone health

While many people think first about their weight and then muscles it is hugely important to maintain healthy bones. Your bone mass can start to decline around 30, but tennis is shown to build strong bones and also slow the rate of loss as you get older, and as a low impact sport it’s great for people of all ages. 

It is great for aerobic and anaerobic health at the same time

You take in more oxygen while playing, which has your blood pumping and delivering lovely healthy oxygenated blood to where it needs to go. It improves your blood flow but also allows your muscles to use this oxygen well through short runs and bursts of energy, good all round!

It aids in improving balance, coordination and even flexibility

From bending to pick up a ball to stretching your arm over your head and serving to running across the court tennis uses so many muscles and parts of the body at the same time all working together. You build on your balance skills and flexibility the more you play, and in turn your game will improve and keep improving.

It is good for your mind

Exercise of any kind can be really beneficial for your mental health, getting you outside in the fresh air and moving around, but tennis is also great as it requires you to use your brain and consider your strategy and how to achieve your aims. This focus and coordination with your mind and body can improve your brain power too, and even help strengthen things like your memory over time.

Tennis has so many health benefits, strengthening bones, muscles and the respiratory system as well as your mind. So whatever your level from beginner to professional player why not dig out a racket today and get swinging, it’s good for you!

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