5 celebrity feuds that rocked the internet in 2020

Celebrities often fight publicly. This year, several celebrities took to social media to sort out their issues and social media users had something to entertain them. Here are out too five celebrity feuds that rocked the internet in 2020.

1 Stunner vs Olinda Chapel
The former lovebirds were at each other’s throats this year. Stunner accused Olinda of failing to let go of him while Olinda hit back and said she is an independent woman making her own living. She even threw shade at her former husband for failing to make something of his life. Stunner and Olinda have been airing their dirty laundry in public ever since their split.

2 Seh Calaz and Moira
The couple had problems at home that very few people were aware of until the moment Moira decided to go public. She accused her husband of neglecting her and their son. Moira levelled up various allegations against the zimdancehall chanter including the fact that he is a substance abuser and that he had failed dismally as a heads husband and father.

3 Stunner vs Mudiwa
The two hip hop artists have an on and off relationship. Their beef has always been motivated by the fact that each o the two believes he is better than the other in terms of making music. Stunner usually gloats about being the best rapper while Mudiwa on the other hand claims to be the king of rap.

4 Bhutisi vs Nox Guni
Comedian Bhutisi had it coming when he took a jab at Nox Guni. He made fun of the fact that Nox’s video had been viewed less times than Jah Prayzah’s son video on the official release of both songs which were unleashed to the public on the same day.

5 Passion Java vs Mai Titi
The controversial man of cloth and comedian Mai Titi sent social media into overdrive after declaring war on each other. Mai Titi has been challenging the man of cloth to prove the authenticity of his calling. Passion has also been throwing shade at Mai Titi and has claimed that she asked him to buy her a car. Their social media wrangle is still raging on

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