Buddie Beatz Set To Take Music Streaming To Another Level!

Telecommunications giant Econet has once again proved to be the leading network provider in Zimbabwe. The company has over the years managed to embrace modern advancements in IT. They have unleashed a music streaming app, Buddie Beatz.

The app has proved to be a game changer and is already a hit with most people. Among its vast features is its nexus between enabling artists to make money from their hard-earned sweat whilst providing entertainment thirsty fans with African music. The Buddie Beatz app is an entertainment hub that allows one to have access to African music at an affordable price. Listeners can download music as well as listen to it in an instant without any hassles.

The app is convenient and embodies all the best features of leading music apps such as Spotify and Apple music. A distinguishing feature is however, that, one can download music and albums to indulge themselves even when they go offline. The app also has a personalized feature which allows one to create their playlist of choice. True convenience indeed.

A wide array of music is available on the app with over 230 artists. Genres range from zimdancehall to gospel to any other music type that the listener would want to find. There’s more, the app is also available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The process of getting the app on one’s phone is quite simple and easy. One merely has to download and launch the app on their phone. This is followed by entering their phone number and registering. Most people have been professing their excitement at the current three-day exclusive trial and affordable subscriptions which range from rtgs 25 cents to rtgs 2.50 per month.

The new technological breakthrough by Econet has been applauded by many in that it allows artists to market their music and get great exposure.

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