Challenges that are trending on social media

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have been flooded with various challenges of late. Most people have found a new way to entertain themselves during this lockdown period. Here are some of the challenges that are currently trending.

1Period Challenge

To start with, the challenge has absolutely nothing to do with menstruation. Ladies have been strategically using their body parts to form a P and then write the remaini h words to make the word period. The challenge is simply go give meaning to the word period, an end to a conversation or sentence. Celebrities such as Olinda Chapel have partaken in the challenge as well as Madam boss who gave it her own hillarious spin. People have been posting their own versions of the challenge on their statuses and on Whatsapp.

2First born challenge
This one has taken over Facebook. The challenge has seen those that were born first posting their pictures and bragging about being the eldest in their families.

3 Being a mum challenge
This one has also caused a lot of activity on social media. Several mothers have been posting images of their pregnancy journey as well as their adorable kids. Some have also shared their parenting stories to make the challenge even more exciting.

4 Schools you attended challenge
Probably one of the most talked about challenges is that of people sharing the names of the schools that they attended. Most people have been interested to learn of people that attended the same schools as themselves.

5 Spectacles challenge
Those that wear spectacles have not been left behind in terms of having some fun on social media. The spectacles challenge has seen people posting their photos while wearing glasses

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