Ecobank mobile digital app lives up to billing.

Ecobank recently revamped its mobile banking application and the new features have been highly recommended by users. Econet is one bank that is fast emerging as an innovative and user friendly institution. Users across the continent will now have the indulgence of using highly developed features on the mobile platform. One of the new features is the ability to open an Ecobank Xpress account. This is a redesigned user interface that Ecobank refers to as their “best ever user experience” which is to be expected.

Another new feature is the biometric log in for increased security. Many local applications actually do not support FaceID and this biometric authentication is available newer iPhones. Ecobank supports the technology along with finger print log in. You can also now pay your bills and transfer money using the new and improved system. You can also create and share virtual cards. A virtual card is a unique 16 digit computer generated number used to settle a specific payment transaction issued for a specific amount. Virtual cards are locked down to a specific amount and time which makes them more secure.

The new digital application by Ecobank is indeed commendable and more convenient. Zimbabwe is lagging behind in terms of technological advancements but such strides are definitely a step in the right direction

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