Flexi Africa Opening Zimbabwe to Global Online Market

Flexi Africa is proud to present a new business model that will disrupt the current economic turmoil on the African continent, transforming the various African nations into massively powerful economic engines. Flexi Africa is an e-commerce platform that was designed for Africans by Africans. The aim of the entire business model is to unite African citizens, retailers, business leaders, politicians, and technology leaders around the possibility of creating a new African future as an economically self-sustaining continent that will experience a rebirth of culture, influence, and power on the world stage.

Zimbabwe is the staging point for this venture and is already becoming known as the β€œgateway to the Africa” in the 21st century much in the same way Dubai is seen in the Middle East.

Retail vendors play an essential role in the success of Flexi Africa. The management team of Flexi Africa has a vision of selling thousands if not tens of thousands of different products made in Africa and around the world in service of growing the economy of Zimbabwe, the staging point for Flexi Africa’s exponential growth.

Flexi Africa already has made some very influential friends along our 6-month journey from a modest start-up founded by three life-long friends, Nyasha Nguwo, Redgerald Nyamadzavo, and Nass Aoun. The unbreakable bond between these three fresh, young visionaries is at the heart and soul of Flexi Africa. Nyasha, Redgerald, and Nass know a great deal about the current crop situation in Zimbabwe and the more than urgent need for instantaneous transformation of crop yields too much higher levels than we are seeing at present.

Flexi Africa is the vehicle by which that transformation will ultimately be delivered.

As a retailer reading this, you may ask yourself: β€œWhat’s in it for me?”
Join us for this presentation. The event is 100% free to you. Bring as many people from your team as you would like, especially those members empowered to make decisions to sell your firm’s goods on a retail platform.
Flexi Africa stands for a new future for the African continent – one of great prosperity where the cradle of civilization of the past meets the way of the future: communal e-commerce – the sale of retail goods; the creation of jobs; and the generation of massive wealth in favor of the people who homes and hearts are filled with the unending resilience and pride of all Africans.

We are Flexi Africa. Join us and learn more about what we can do for your retail firm. Sign up for the free event now.

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