Net closes in on illegal structures in Harare

The City of Harare has come up with a grand plan which will ensure the surveillance of residential areas which have become a hub for illegal structures.

City fathers have resorted to modern technology with council now set to use drones that which will immediately detect any illegal structures that would have been constructed in residential areas. Council has in recent weeks embarked on an aggressive drive to annihilate illegal structures with hundreds of vendors in Mbare displaced by an operation meant to bring cleanliness to one of the oldest High density suburbs.

Council’s focus will now be at residential areas where a lot of illegal activity has been occurring. The construction of structures not approved by Council, as well as the use of residential properties for commercial purposes without approval by council has led to a move which is set to see many facing prosecution.

Many residential stands have been transformed into offices without the approval by council while some have constructed structures that were not in initial plans submitted and approved by council. The building of structures on wetlands has also emerged as a huge cause for concern in recent years. City of Harare will however in the coming months pluck out such structures.

It is not the first time the City has embarked on such a vigorous drive following operation “murambatsvina”. The process is however this time expected to be thorough given council will be well equipped with drones that will monitor and identify structures which are illegal.

Communication of the intended move was made on the city of Harare’s twitter page which read “Harare City to use drone technology to identify illegal structures and activities at residential properties”. Such a move is bound to bring panic to residents whose papers are not in order.

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