Instagram challenges that rocked the internet in 2019.

Instagram was full of activity in 2019 with some funny, interesting and life changing challenges. Most people posted edited versions of videos they liked and we have narrowed down a list of Instagram challenges that rocked the internet in 2019.

1. The bottle cap challenge

This is by far the most popular challenge of 2019. It was done by local and international celebrities as they tried to take off a bottle cap in the most creative way possible. Madam boss’ version was the most popular as she tried on some funny Kung Fu moves to take off a bottle cap.

2. The 50 Magate challenge

This challenge was sparked by zimdancehall musician Enzo ishall’s song 50 Magate. The original video show cased rapper Kikky badass’ waist movement and booty shaking skills but the mimick videos dominated yhe internet. The most common video was that of adult performer Beverly who treated Instagram followers to some raunchy dance moves. Most people later on remarked that she must have been cast in the original video because her dance moves surpassed those of Kikky badass.

3. The Stonyeni challenge

Zimdancehall artist Jah Signal sent social media into overdrive when he promised some monetary reward to anyone willing to redo his signature Stonyeni song. What followed was an outpour of videos of ladies dancing to the song and flaunting their dancing skills.

4. The Mutasvi challenge

Enzo ishall once again sparked another Instagram challenge based on his song Mutasvi. The video was said to be too explicit for public consumption but the response to it was overwhelming.

5. The Mugarden challenge

Winky D and Gemma Griffiths teamed up and produced this massive track. The colourful video caused furore online with most people donning banana leaves and going behind trees and all sorts of greenery to recreate the musical video.

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