Jah Prayzah amuses fans

In a recent development, popular singer Jah Prayzah has managed to get people talking after putting up a hillarious show for an advert for Zol wiBroniks. The artist left people in stitches after poetically advertising the latest offers for Zol.

The advert features Jah Prayzah dressed in colourful Rastafarian attire. He then breaks into praise and poetry for Zol wiBroniks. He vividly makes a statement about how fast and reliable the connection is. His excitement is clearly contagious.

One of the astounding phrases that Jah prayzah uses in the advert is, “Hazvidi chinono, unosiiwa nemasponono”. He really brings out the best for the promotion. The advert has been hailed as one of it’s kind in Zimbabwe. Whilst countries such as South Africa are renowned for producing creative and well thought out advertisements, the latest offering by Jah Prayzah shows creativity and local talent at its best.

Jah Prayzah has great acting skills and judging from his music videos, he could win an acting award. Fans have been expressing their excitement and admiration for the singer in the Zol campaign. Others professed that they will definitely try out the new Zol wiBroniks network because with the way Jah Prayzah recommended it, it is surely a great offer.

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