Jah Prayzah sucked into fake twitter account storm

A message purpoted to be coming from popular musi artist Jah Prayzah has caused furore. The tweet, which suggests that the singer was now breaking his silence on the arrest and detention of controversial journalist Hopewell Chin’ono had been seen as a ray of light as people genuinely thought such a prominent name was now standing up for human rights. The tweet said artists must stand up against human rights abuses.

The tweet later turned out to be from a parody account. The singer had never tweeted such and nothing of that sort was present on his official Twitter page.

A barrage of comments feigning disappointment flooded the internet. Most people had been excited at the prospect of an artist with such influence standing up against what they termed abuse by local authorities. These hopes were watered down.

Hopewell was arrested by police on charges of inciting public violence and has been languishing in prison ever since. His lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa recently shared a video showing

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