Lexware gets 32 000 dollars seed funding at the Southern Africa Innovating Justice Challenge in South Africa.

Zimbabwe’s young technocrat company Lexware recently made the headlines in South Africa after coming second in the Southern Africa Innovating Justice Challenge finals. The company was recognized for its latest innovation, the Lawbasket solution. This is an application that allows clients to choose how much they want to pay to a lawyer. The finals were held on 7 November 2019 in South Africa.

The young Zimbabwean I.T gurus will join HiiL’s Justice Accelerator Class of 2020 and the Justice Entrepreneurship programme in the Hague in February 2020. They will also receive $32 000.00 as seed funding.

The co founder of Lexware Simba Mubvuma stated,”Super excited to be part of the HiiL Justice Accelerator Class of 2020. It’s a big opportunity to get the help we need to reinvent justice. We are also happy to be able to inspire other innovators in Zimbabwe…”.

Most people have applauded the young innovators for their exceptional work and for being recognized at such an international level . Young people have been encouraged to emulate the young technocrats in their respective areas of specialty. Zimbabwe boasts of an abundance of sharp young minds and talent.

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