Pinterest overtakes Facebook usership in Zimbabwe.

According to statistics from a global web statistics company, Statcounter, more people in Zimbabwe are visiting the website Pinterest rather than Facebook.

Pinterest has thus surpassed Facebook as the most popular social media platform as of July 2019 as per their report. Pinterest now has a social media share of 41% with Facebook lagging behind at 34%. There could not give clarity on the cause of the surge in the use of Pinterest but they said that Facebook usership has been on the decline since December 2018 with Pinterest on the rise.

Pinterest is a social media website whose core importance is that of users ‘pinning’ pictures to their profiles. Users are fond of this platform as they get to view and pin a variety of items ranging from fashion, home decor, gardening, hairstyles and recipes among others. It is mainly used by women who want to keep abreast of latest trends in this fast paced world.

The statitics do not, however, include usership of Whatsap which is unarguably the most commonly used application in Zimbabwe. The reason proffered by Statcounter is that Whatsap is not a social media service per se and is also difficult to track.

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