Steward bank digital platforms now functional

Steward Bank clients are breathing a huge sigh of relief following a return to normal online banking services. The bank’s digital platforms have been offline for some days and clients have been at pains to make simple transactions since Friday. The bank issued a statement apologising about their system being down but did not not offer a comprehensive explanation.

Steward Bank clients were relieved to learn that service has been restored after the bank sent some messages of the development. Steward bank has been trying to maintain a good public image after negative comments put a dent to their reputation recently. A closer look at the bank’s social media platform reveals that clients are far from happy with their service. Steward bank’s facebook page is dominated by a wave of negative remarks from disgruntled customers over poor service.

Apart from lagging behind in terms of their online services, the bank staff members have also been accused of failing to work efficiently at their banking halls. Others have opened up about not receiving any responses to their queries and when they attempt to call the bank through their toll free lines, they have claimed that the calls go unanswered.

Steward bank is a subsidiary of Econet and has a very large clientele base. Most people who use Ecocash services have accounts with Steward bank. The return to normal service has been hailed as a positive development. In this day and age of digital transacting, it had become impossible for the bank users to purchase anything over the past few days. Although it is not uncommon for banks to experience technical glitches occasionally, this service disruption was met with heavy criticism.

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