Twimboz disown their very own Van Choga.#John Vuligate challenge

Local twitter users have pulled a shocker by disowning their very own music artist. It seems Van Choga’s take on the John Vuli gate challenge has become an embarrassment to some prompting them to disown him on twitter.

Van Choga released an imitation song titled John Vhura gate. His own version of the amapiano song by Mapara that has since taken over the internet but storm has not been received as well as he hoped. Twitter users from various countries have been throwing shade at his performance and local twitter users have been having none of it. Most tweets have suggested that twitter users are not amused by his performance hence branding him as an outcast.

The John Vuli gate challenge has been trending on social media following the release of a video of friends who were celebrating a birthday and dancing along to the song. The whole thing soon blew up and became an internet sensation. People have been posting videos of themselves dancing along to the song. It seems Van Choga might have failed to put his magic spin this time around and his john Vhura gate has not earned him much respect.

Van Choga is one of the most energetic musicians in the country. He might have put in too much energy into this remix. Too much for his fans’ liking.

The John Vuli gate challenge is set to overtake the Jerusalem challenge very soon. It seems South African songs are dominating on social media and the world seems not to get enough. Mapara is an established south african singer whose popularity has doubled. Enzo ishall has also released a remix of the song.

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