What makes Plinko such an exciting game to play?

Who remembers the iconic game show, The Price is Right? If so, then there is a good chance that you’ll remember one of its most popular games: Plinko. This was the game that saw people crowded around their televisions waiting to see if the contestants were about to win big or if the balls would leave them wanting! If you have fond memories of this game, then the great news is that you can now play the Plinko game online.

Even if you’ve never seen The Price is Right, you will still find that Plinko has plenty to offer. In fact, the online game has now become a phenomenon in its own right and its popularity is continuing to increase. If you want to know what this game is all about, and why people just can’t get enough, then we’d love to help. Read on and let us explain.

How does online Plinko work?

If you have fond memories of this game, and its original host, then you will find that the developer BGaming doesn’t disappoint with its online recreation. When playing, you will find that there is a triangular board with pins. You place your bet and then set the ball in motion. This falls from the top of the triangle and, as it makes its way down the board, it hits the pins and constantly changes direction. It will finally reach the bottom and settle into one of the boxes. The box it settles in determines what you will win.

That’s one of the really exciting things when it comes to Plinko online: the winning opportunities. There is nothing that you can do to guide the ball as it falls. You just need to let it happen and see where it lands. With an RTP of 99%, you can be sure that this is a game that has plenty of chances to win though.

Adjusting the game

If you’re not happy with the standard Plinko board, and the winning opportunities that it presents, you can make changes to make the game suit you. This sees players being able to choose how many pins there are on the board. By increasing the number of pins, you are effectively increasing the volatility of the game.

As you reduce the number of pins, you are making it easier for the ball to settle where you want it to. However, your reward is less when compared to having more pins. The choice here is to win frequent small wins or hold out for those that are bigger. 

Big win potential

As we have seen, if you decide to add more pins to the board, you are increasing the volatility of online Plinko. You may wonder why this makes the game exciting. Well, the higher the volatility, the bigger the winning potential. If you go all out with the number of pins, you can see yourself winning as much as £100,000.

With such a big jackpot, you may worry that this game is just for high rollers. This is definitely not the case. You can get in on the action with as little as £1. If you’d like to wager more, you can go all the way up to £100 for each time the ball is dropped. 

It’s just fun!

On a basic level, all that you need to know about online Plinko is that it’s fun to play. When looking at any online casino game, it is always important to know how it works, and what the chances of winning are, but what matters more is if the game is enjoyable. Plinko definitely is. The best way to see what all of the fuss is about is to give it a go for yourself. 

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