You can now send money from ecocash to one wallet and other platforms

In a monetary statement released last month, the RBZ revealed that the date for ZimSwitch becoming the National Switch was the 30th of September. That date was an extension for the previous date which had been set for 15th of August. The initial date that was set was a little ambitious because the integration that the RBZ required of EcoCash and other mobile money operators was very complicated. Now that the final deadline has passed, it appears that EcoCash was able to get it over the line.

If you dial *151# under β€œSend Money” (Option 1) you will see an option that says β€œSend to Account” (Option 5) and that option reveals all the different accounts that you can now send money to:After selecting the bank account or mobile money wallet you want to send to: You can then scroll through all the accounts and mobile money wallets and select the one you want. The process is quite easy really and the system user-friendly.

People have however been lamenting the high charges being incurred when one tries to send money from EcoCash to OneMoney as well as Bank Accounts. Most people said the charges are beyond what they had been expecting. Some claimed network issues were hindering any efforts to make the transactions as they would get an invalid MMI message.

The new development has however been hailed as a step in the right direction as the country seeks to improve on its technological systems. The issue of high transfer charges however remains a thorn in the flesh and people have called on for a review of tariffs to be done so that they can efficiently use the system.

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