5 Zimbabwean Women Leading Tech Startups

In recent years, Zimbabwe has witnessed a surge in technological innovation, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs seeking to solve local challenges and create impactful solutions. Among these innovators are Zimbabwean women who are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and leading the way in the tech startup ecosystem. From fintech to e-commerce and beyond, here are five Zimbabwean women who are making waves with their tech startups:

1. Rumbidzai Mudzengi – Founder of Vakayi Capital:
Rumbidzai Mudzengi is the co-founder and managing partner of Vakayi Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage startups in Zimbabwe. With a background in finance and entrepreneurship, Mudzengi is passionate about supporting Zimbabwean startups and fostering innovation in the local ecosystem. Through Vakayi Capital, she provides funding, mentorship, and strategic support to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses.

2. Farai Munjoma – Co-founder of Shanduko Solutions:
Farai Munjoma is the co-founder and CEO of Shanduko Solutions, a technology company that specializes in software development, web design, and digital marketing services. Munjoma is a tech enthusiast with a passion for empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs through digital solutions. Through Shanduko Solutions, she helps clients leverage technology to improve their online presence, streamline operations, and drive growth in a digital-first world.

3. Charlene Mlambo – Founder of Muzinda Hub:
Charlene Mlambo is the founder and CEO of Muzinda Hub, a leading tech hub and training center based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Muzinda Hub offers coding bootcamps, digital skills training, and entrepreneurship programs to empower youth and women in Zimbabwe with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the digital economy. Mlambo is committed to bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities for underrepresented groups in the tech industry.

4. Sakhile Khanye – Co-founder of Wangu:
Sakhile Khanye is the co-founder and CEO of Wangu, a fintech startup that provides digital payment solutions for small businesses in Zimbabwe. With a background in finance and technology, Khanye is passionate about driving financial inclusion and empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital age. Through Wangu, she helps small businesses accept payments, manage finances, and access financial services with ease.

5. Rutendo Hwindingwi – Founder of Elysium Africa:
Rutendo Hwindingwi is the founder and CEO of Elysium Africa, a tech startup that develops innovative solutions for the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe. Hwindingwi is a visionary entrepreneur with a background in agricultural science and technology. Through Elysium Africa, she leverages cutting-edge technologies such as drones, IoT, and data analytics to improve crop yields, optimize resource management, and enhance food security in Zimbabwe and beyond.

These Zimbabwean women are not only driving technological innovation but also paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem in Zimbabwe. Their leadership, creativity, and determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers across the country. As they continue to push boundaries and make a positive impact in their respective fields, they are proving that women have a vital role to play in shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe.

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